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Project Leader, Designer, Developer & Sci−Fi Movies Fan

My name is Martín and I'm a Project Leader with 8+ years of professional experience living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

As a freelancer I've been building websites across different industries for offshore clients around the world in different industries turning their ideas into reality. Since I graduated in Web Administration & Development and got my Master degree on Multimedia I oriented my career to leadership with the only purpose of helping clients to create and develop successful businesses.

I have used different programming languages, with a major focus on PHP/MySQL. Besides, for the last two years I've been managing and coordinating different web projects as part of my responsibilities as Project Manager. I'm an avid learner and I am always on top of the latest tendencies in multimedia and web development such as LASS, Responsive Design, etc.

Technical Skills


HTML5 & CSS2/3


Maya 3D




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  • Call me: 54 9 (011) 6156-8090
  • Skype: mbursesi

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